Sourcing key global agricultural commodities, particularly corn, yellow soybean, soybean meal and their by-products from Gavilon, ADM and Nibulon.


Stevedoring and storage via our facilities and warehouses in Damietta Port.

Poultry Farming & Processing

Poultry Farming and Processing

Oil Processing & Bottling

Oil Refining and Bottling

Corn Processing

Daily Manufacturing of 145 tons of High Corn Fructose Syrup 42 and 200 tons of High Corn Fructose Syrup 55, 20 tons of Sorbitol, 185 tons of Starch, and 135 tons of Glucose.


21 Warehouses with the storage capacity of 350 Kilo Tons Per Annum (KTPA). Storing the agricultural commodities, with a long-term lease at one of the largest port storage facilities in the Middle East, at the Port of Damietta.


Transportation process to and from more than 500 destinations with a fleet of 150 trucks.