Cairo 3A For Poultry

In the 1980’s, Egypt’s poultry industry developed feed mills, broiler farms, and slaughterhouses, which paved the way for further development in all stages involved from rearing the day old grandparent chick, producing parents, hatching eggs, day old broiler chick, to the whole chicken, and chicken parts, as well as complementary industries and products.

In 2017, Cairo 3A for Poultry was conceived in the form of a strategic decision with the objective of becoming one of the biggest producers.

Using a backward integration strategy for the feed mill and sourcing raw materials to serve said integration are among the project’s major advantages.

Quality for everyone being the general single-minded proposition, and raising the quality bar on an impressive variety of poultry products targeted at all market segments.

Poultry products
For the more price conscious consumer, whole frozen chicken (organic, free-range, pastured, hormone free) will provide a healthy and affordable protein.

Additionally, a huge number of cooked, pre-cooked, marinated, and pre-portioned chicken cuts and variations, such as thighs, drumsticks, wings, and chicken breasts, as well as chicken burgers, nuggets, tenders, among many others, will be available at Cairo 3A’s retail outlets, and at major food stores and supermarkets.