Sourcing key global agricultural commodities, particularly corn, yellow soybean, soybean meal and their by-products from Gavilon, ADM and Nibulon.


We provide a large range of activities that include scaling, storage, rental equipment, import & export and stevedoring using a variety of equipment such as bagging machines, hoppers, pick-ups, generators and buses.


With a fleet of 242 trucks, we transport goods to and from more than 500 destinations.

Corn Processing

Transform Mother Nature’s precious organic corn into Corn Sweetening Syrup to sweeten food and enhance flavor.

Poultry Farming & Processing

With the use of modern technology and healthy animals, we go beyond the traditional methods to enhance production and transform the future of farms.

Oil Processing & Bottling

With the use of the latest state-of-art production facilities, we manufacture the best-in-class Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Mixed Cooking Oils, producing our rich products: Roots, Al Sultan, and Cameo.


With 23 warehouses and a storage capacity of 450 Kilo Tons Per Annum (KTPA), we store agricultural commodities with a long-term lease at one of the largest port storage facilities in the Middle East, at the Port of Damietta.