Cairo 3A For Poultry

Established in 2017, Cairo 3A for Poultry led the industry with a highly-innovative strategic plan to become one of the greatest producers in the region, successfully, becoming a HUBBARD supplier and distributor of grandparent stocks in Egypt.

With the use of modern technology and healthy animals, we go beyond the traditional methods to enhance production and transform the future of farms.

For this reason, we take pride in the variety of poultry products we produce as we raised the quality bar that targets all market segments.

We believe that it is vital to serve nutritious food to achieve global food security and health, and we can reassure this with our products.

Poultry products
For the more price-conscious consumer, whole frozen chicken (organic, free-range, pastured, hormone-free) will provide a healthy and affordable protein.

Additionally, a huge number of cooked, pre-cooked, marinated, and pre-portioned chicken cuts and variations, such as thighs, drumsticks, wings and chicken breasts, as well as chicken burgers, nuggets, tenders, among many others, will be available at Cairo 3A’s retail outlets and at major food stores and supermarkets.