Cairo 3A for Stevedoring

Cairo 3A for Stevedoring is one of the leading companies in the field of loading and unloading in Egypt since 1997.

With its wide activities that include scaling, storage, rental equipment, import & export and stevedoring, the prestigious company obtains a variety of equipment to provide flexible options to our customers such as bagging machines, hoppers, pick-ups, generators and buses.

The Stevedoring process goes through several different stages. Starting with our proper inspection committees to sending the commodities directly to our customers or moved to our other storage facilities, we ensure the highest hygiene standards are met between each batch. Our storage facilities undergo extensive preparation when receiving a new batch of products as we consistently disinfect the area, deep clean and repaint.

Located in the Port of Damietta, the second largest port in Egypt, the storage facilities have a capacity of c. 400,000 MT over a total area of 95,000 m². With 5 warehouses located directly on the pier, the group was able to seize a logistical advantage by directly unloading the products using a conveyor system into the warehouses. The Group has an average inventory turnover of 8 times per annum, amounting to c. 2.5 million MTs per annum.